Builder Bees Experience

When it comes to picking the right company for your home improvement projects, experience should be high on the list of criteria you use when selecting the contractor.  We have a very experienced team of home improvement and construction specialist.  We’ve seen it all before and can make sure we deliver the quality you deserve.

Josh Foster, Owner & General Contractor

Our Expertise

We are very specialized in the projects that we focus on.  We think it’s important that we are experts in a few things, instead of average in a lot of things.  That is why we focus almost exclusively on decks and porches, finishing basements, room additions including bedrooms, bathrooms and garages, and major remodel projects.

With that said, we have several quality companies that we can refer you to that specialize in handyman type services, roofs, fences and other similar projects.

Projects We Specialize In:

  • Decks/Porches
  • Basement Finishing
  • Room Additions (Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Garages, Family Rooms)
  • Major Remodel Projects (Example, turning two smaller bedrooms into a master bedroom)


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